Windows 7 Office 2010 migration notes

Windows 7 not always reconnecting drives on startup, also, FBackup not seeing mapped drivealways:

Solution: Drive mappings can cause issues re dropping out etc if IP address is used.  Use server name instead

Office 2010: Adding network locations as trusted locations:

Was getting: "The path you have entered cannot be used as a Trusted Location for security reasons"

Not so very helpful.. but follow these rules and I'm good to go:

- can't add with mapped drive letter:

- can't add if IP address used, so map drive using server name, and add to trusted location using '\\servername\folder'

Office 2010 Outlook: Copy / migrate email address autocomplete from old machine:

1. find old Outlook.nk2

2. copy to C:\Users\xxxxx\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\

3. Close outlook

4. Command line run: outlook.exe /importnk2

If any problem, try Roaming insteadof Local above.