Android New User Notes

So we just bought two of them thar new fangled Andoid tabby thingys. 2x Asus TF101 EE Pads to be exact.

So, what cool, obvious and whats not.

Note Google accounts needed for:

  • User account
  • Backup account
  • Android market

Device 1 install log:

Device 1:

Associated device 1 (B6OKAS266432) with tggd@gmail

Apps installed:

  • Skype (but no video calling on this device yet)
  • ES File manager so can see network shares
  • File Expert
    • alternative to ES File manager to try and see if better
  • Rockplayer light for watching xvids from freeTV via GB-PVR
  • Documents to Go 3 main app
  • Bought Documents to go full version US$14.99
  • Speech Synthesis data Installer
    • Was a response to trying voice option for book reading in My Library
  • SVOX Classic Text To Speech Engine
    • Need to buy voices...

Added f@xtra email as primary email acct

Add tggd@gmail as google acct

 to /documents/

  • Appeared in My Library
  • Created new Bookshelf: Android Guides and moved to there

Browser-> Settings_ Advanced-> User Agent String = Desktop

My Library:

Created /Sxxx Library

  • Copied TF101, Google Android V3 & Xoom PDF manuals to there
  • Copied existing EPubBooks to there


Scrolling a list selection:

Powered up the TF101 out of the box. Its asking for a language.  I want to change from English (US) to English English.

Click the option next to the current Enflish (US) and I see a list. But how do I scroll the list. I try to swipe down the left side of the list. Nope.  I swipe down the center of the list nope.

I two finger swipe down the center of the list nope.

Finally I realise I need to swipe up. I am so ingrained to using scrollable lists with a scroll bar...


Whats really bad:

Where's the new user guide / tutorial. Ok even Windows does a 'Welcome to windows heres how to use it.'  but it seems there is no such thing

  • Ok, searched for and found XOOM & ASUS TF101 user guides..  Shouldn't have to.  At all.  Should be on the first main screen

Whats really bad: No usb port on the device. None.  Aaarg.  Adaptor for sale *one day*

Cusomisable home screens: deleting things:

Hold a press on anything that can be deleted and the trash will appear top left, drag to delete



Network shares.

So I have networked drives. I want to link them to the device.

Nope. Can't be done. stock.

Need a SMB aware file manager from the app store.  Trying ES File Manager

Someclumsyness around setting up backup acct from the notify.  But did it ok through privacy settings