Test Bed

K7S8X, Duron 1600@2000MHZ

1GB Ram

XP Home


Hauppage HVR4000

Hauppage HVR3000

Driver version for both cards = 2.122.26109


Install order (ignoring later need for AAC+ etc to get DVB-T to work, DVB-S only required for this iteration)

- XP SP3 & all updates as at 20081112

- DOT Net 2

- VCRedist from GB-PVR

- GB-PVR 1.3.07

NZ FTA DVB FTH/FTA summary: http://www.mythtv.co.nz/mythtv/?page_id=4


HVR4000 Drivers only (one hardware item need to be manually pointed to driver dir)

. net 2

Install VCRedist C++ 2005 - what do GB-PVR mean by modified?


Power Cinema (As comes with HVR4000) as seems to need this or no picture when watching live.

Optus D1, LNB = 10750 or 11300


Video Renderer: VMR9 Fullscreen

Audio Decoder = MPEG Audio Decoder


All worked great, ran this for a few months, only issue was could only record/playback 2 channels simultaneously due to to limited throughtput.