USB Photo frames usb display enabled: Samsung SPF-105P LCD

USB Monitor tech: http://www.engadget.com/tag/DisplayLink/

Digitus USB2 to VGA adaptor mini review.

Approx NZ$140

Installing to control a 3rd monitor on a Vista system already running 2 monitors off a ASUS 9600GT PCIE video card.

Selected this unit as PCI video cards are the same price and are hard to get hold of.  Also can be used on the laptop at a later date if required.

1. Install driver.

2. Insert adaptor to USB port.

3. Connect monitor to adaptor and power up.

Just like that its working.


  • Fast & easy installation.
  • Works alongside existing multiple monitors, appears as just another monitor to Vista.
  • Can rotate in 90 degree increments (I like to run extra monitors as portrait).
  • Max's out at 1680 x 1050 so can handle most current medium size wide screen monitors.


  • Renders slowly (but to be fair this is expected)
  • Too slow for viseo (see above)

Summary: Acceptable solution.  Would be nice if could do 2 monitors.