AutoGordianKnot 2.55

Selecting a target output size does 2 pass encoding, setting % does 1 pass.

Some movies have subtitles offset incorrectly in the output, not sure why yet.


Start AutoGK and per Step 1-4 on AutoGK screen

Step 1

  • Set input source as DVD *.IFO file (either one)
  • Set output to a different drive

Step 2

  • Select 1 Audio track (Usually AC3 5.3)
  • Select 1 Subtitle track

Step 3

  • Set Target quality to 100%

Step 4

  • Advanced Settings -> Output Resolution Settings -> Fixed Width -> 720
  • Output Audio Type -> Original

Add Job



You queue up jobs in the Job queue and let it run through each job in turn..



Run the output to check that subtitles are in sync, if they are not then delete the output and mark the source as 'AGK no sync'