20081110 PICDEM Net 2 to v4.51 & ENC28J60

Microchip TCPIP 4.51 on PICDEM Net 2 + also use ENC28J60

PICDEM Net 2 was previously running TCPIP Stack version 4.13


PICKIT 2 installed & connected
PICDEM NET 2 connected to PICKIT 2 & connected to network (with DHCP server available) via J1

Setup software: 

1. Installed Microchip MPLab IDE 8.15
2. Installed Microchip C18 Student Version 3.22
3. Installed Microchip TCPIP Stack 4.51

Following 'Getting Started' in the help files provided with TCPIP 4.51 as the process is different from 4.13:

4. Ran the Microchip Config Wizard and left the board name as MCHPBoard, set the NIC address per the sticker on the bottom.  Note this updates TCPIPConfig.h and leaves a copy of the original as TCPIPConfig.dist

5. In MPLab IDE: opened C:\Microchip Solutions\TCPIP Demo App\TCPIP Demo App-C18 project and did a Project -> Build All

6. In MPLab IDE: Programmer -> Select Programmer -> PicKit 2 (because thats what I have)

7. In MPLAB IDE: Programmer -> Program

8. Hold Down Button 0 (RB3) on PICDEM Net 2 and power on to clear EEPROM settings

9. PICDEM Net 2 should pick up TCPIP address and display it on the LCD..

10 In a browser goto (where 192.. etc matches the LCD displayed IP address) and navigate to C:\Microchip Solutions\TCPIP Demo App, select MPFSImg2.bin and Upload..

Set to use ENC28J60

In MPLab IDE (assumes C:\Microchip Solutions\TCPIP Demo App\TCPIP Demo App-C18 project is still open)

- Edit C:\Microchip Solutions\TCPIP Demo App\hardwareprofile.h (It shows in the Project files list (Menu VIEW->PROJECT) under header files, double click to edit it)
- Search for and uncomment the 2 x lines with this text (as a comment on the commented lines :)  "Uncomment this line if you wish to use the ENC28J60.. on the PICDEM Net 2.."  (not we actually only need to do it for the Non Hitech C section but its easier to just find both)
- Save and Close hardwareprofile.h

- Do a Build and program the PICDEM Net 2 as earlier, move the Ethernet connector to J2 and start it up.