Whats on the MP3 Player

2009 07 07

Whats on the MP3 Player:


Battles: Mirrored (Experimental something)


- Took a while to get into this, but I like the heavy beats (Atlas) not so much the lighter tracks.. but overall, not for me..

Blonde Redhead: 23 (Light rock/pop)

- Starts well, melodic.. didnt grab me like some of the other new stuff

Bon Iver: For Emma, For Ever (Light rock/pop)

- Cool, I really like it.. mellow, melodic, great hooks

Spoon: Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga

- Cool as

'Dont make me a Target' 3 mins in crackly bad mp3?


Iron & Wine: The Shepards Dog (Pop/Folk)


Shearwater: Rook


TV On The Radio: Dear Science (???)

- Not as fabtastic as Return To Cookie Mountain but still ok.  I do like some of it's playfulness (Dancing Choose)

TV On The Radio: Return To Cookie Mountain

- Ok I absolutely love this album to bits.  No really, I do.