Replace DVD drive pickups with solenoids (Air or electric)

  • Need to be hollow for vacuum
  • Should be faster
  • Inbuilt sprint loading effect
  • Simpler, longer lasting
  • May need to custom build/modify existing
  • Can group heads much closer, can have many more heads if improves speed


  • Centering fingers?
    • Can't find examples
  • Drop part into V type fixture and pickup again
    • Difficult to make fixtures this size
  • Bump type? - a bit slow.. but easy to implement in software
    • Speed impact on CPH
    • Rotate PCB Array holder..
    • If drop part into V type fixture per Alignment above, can rotate fixture before pickup
      • OpenCV
        • Can we use it
        • Requires feedback into software so no more Mach 3 / G Code... so totally custom software solution
    • Rotation


      Long long term: