Miscellaneous hardware notes

Rotating Pneumatic fitting for top of A axis head stepper: Festo QSRL-M5-6 or Festo QSRL-M5-4

 Stepper was 39BYG003 but it doesnt microstep very well at all even with gecko driver, so back to the Sanyo Denki SS2422

 Static feeders on East side of machine:

Mount holes are 59mm down and at 40 & 120mm in, Countersunk 5mm screws

Using T5 belts, but there are more accurate / higher torque transmission belts out there:

  • GT2
  • SxM = Super High Torque (compared to xM belt, 3mM)
  • ST

Is 3M HTD a variation of 3M?

Some belts also have 'Non backlash' puleys using teh standard evbelts ie S8M

Useful: http://www.brecoflex.com/download/pulley_july08.pdf

 Ok, I now have 2mm GT2 belts

Looks like GT2 2mm is the way to go.

If staying with direct drive then GT2 20 tooth is the smallest for an 8mm shaft & 4-5mm long grub screw as pulley OD is 12.2mm..

- with 0.9 deg stepper gives 400 / (20 * 2mm) = 10 full steps per mm before any microstepping.. so with a Gecko at 1/10 stepping is 100 steps per mm..

Supposedly you can use narrower belts... than earlier types..


8mm pillow block