Small Fuel Injected Bikes

Honda Wave 125i (with PGM-FI fuel injection)

Honda CZ-i110 and Click-i both with PGM-FI

Honda uses:

DCP-FI (Discharge Pump Fuel Injection) by Mikuni:

DR125SM (air cooled) has it, as does 2008 Husqvarna TE series TE250, TE310, TE610, Suzuki Skydive 125 in Thailand.. as well as Suzuki Address 125, actually another site implies Husqvarna uses Mikuni IBeat ECU but not hardware..

 DR125SM: ..but the SM's Mikuni-developed discharge pump injection does away with the high-pressure pump, fuel lines and high electrical demands of conventional systems. Instead there's a single component comprising a solenoid with a plunger to squirt fuel directly into the inlet tract, the amount it injects determined by the number of times it operates, which can be hundreds of times for each engine revolution... ...11bhp at 9,000rpm...

Suzuki Lets 4G 50cc uses it.. is a UZ50 in NZ, oh look there is an injected UZ125 available in NZ as well..

Diesel has 'unit injector'