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When an end user builds a report with Report Builder, they use a business model representation of the underlying database schema. Providing reporting access to this business model precludes the end user from having to understand, for example, connection strings or how to write SQL or MDX. While models that provide access to SQL Server Analysis Services are automatically generated on the Report Server, the Report Builder Model Designer can be used to generate or modify the models that are built on top of SQL Server relational databases. These model building projects are a new type of project within Visual Studio-based development shell


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Client report builder v2 (2008)  cant run against SQL Server 2005 DB

Our client has got an issue hat SSRS keeps asking the username and password when they access the SSRS websites.
We have checked all the SSRS configuration settings and found all the configurations is correct.
Finally, we have found the issue was caused by the IE settings.
In the IE Tools --> Internet Options --> Security --> Internet, click Customer Level button and scroll down the new window to bottom. Change the value in the User Authentication setting to Automatic Logon with current username and password.
The werid issue can be fixed after changing the value.