Nokia E63

VM pwd 1357

Find out your device’s version number and begin updating

Step 1

Start by entering this code on your Nokia device's keypad


Note: This code may not function on all devices. For detailed instructions on finding out the software version on your particular device, please consult your user guide.

Nokia E63-1 (255.03)

Step 2

If you are able to select Options, you may Check for updates immediately and update using only your device. You need not perform the remaining steps.

Otherwise, your display will show your current software version number (e.g. V 12.3.456). Please write this down – you’ll need it to complete the next step

To find what the latest available device software is, you’ll need your device’s product code. The code is printed on the white label beneath the battery (e.g. CODE: 0520001).

CODE: 0583813

Install Nokia PC Suite

Install Nokia Maps Updater