High Speed Getaway II

201303ish Bought as the 4 pack from Keri



All playfield bulbs replaced with LEDS

All Gen illumination LEDs replaced with LEDs

4 way switch removed faulty 2 and replaced with COTS pushbuttons

Secondary flipper fluttering: resoldered connections - ok

Seconday flipper binding on return: removed plunger and ground down mushroomed end


20131201 Games is resetting when both flippers held down

Bought Regulators & Caps from Action Pinball.

Someone had already tried a bodgy repair but parts didn't look new at also a jumper under the PCB.

Removed BR1 & BR2 & associated caps, checked for damageed traces & jumpers as required. Put in new BR/Caps problem fixed.





#44 53
#555 98
#89 11
#906 10