Jurassic Park

Bought 201311

Collected by Mana Transport of Porirua who are fucking idiots.  On the weekend of 22/11/2013 it was at their depot in Porirua and some dickhead decided to lift the top box up.  Then either he or the next moved it with the top up but not latched and bang, it fell down onto the playfield glass.  bang.  Goodbye $2k of value.

Smashed glass, so framents everywhere so full playfield teardown required. And the electronics took massive hit. main board not starting. DMD damaged etc etc etc.


So on to fixing it. 




Starting at Boards.

Power Supply PCB CN1 has a burnt pin that has been cutoff.  Pin 12

Part is Molex part number 09-18-5121: Mouser 538-09-18-5121


MCP120 can be a replacement for PST518 on CPU board

PIA's are MC6821P9


20140516 many hours work together now still to do:

- Yellow/Black controlled lamp drive out

- TRex Left/Right relay stuck on left

- My LED flashers are too bright

- Minor tweaks



Column lamp drives replaced with mosfets, many bad traces where Tip42s are/were


With LEDS need > 6.3v AC for GI, also need 12VDC or more for added LEDS

Will take 18VAC and feed it to a separate BR then through cheap LED dimmers


Need a 12v feed for extra Leds to be added, there is spare fused (PSB F6) 18vdc coming off PSB CN3 pin 4 & pin 10 (Gnd)