Siemens SiPlace 141-091 2x8mm feeder


Lemo FGG.1B

7 pins, assume low voltage.. : FGG.1B.307

Brass housing: FGG.1B.307C

Insert material is light gray so is PEEK: FGG.1B.307CL (or maybe FGG.1B.307CY)

Solder terminations: FGG.1B.307CLA

Collet size: most likely a D: FGG.1B.307CLAD52

Ouch, Mouser has these for US$40 @ Q25

Only 4 wires on the plug:

- Pin 1: White = -Supply

- Pin 2: Yellow = ?

- Pin 3: Brown = +Supply

- Pin 6: Green = ?

Non electrical version has green as right side control, yellow as left side, however I'm told this unit is smart and uses a serial protocol

Requires 25V minimum, but 30v is expected

We don't know the protocol so can't drive it properly, however the 'Control element' 'index' button can be used to retract the component cover when pressed, & also the feed cycle on release (times out after about 2 seconds)

Probing the control element:

a 4 strand ribbon cable, red edged marks 1:

1 = +5V (measured between here & 25V supply gnd)

2 = return for index btn, activates if shorted to 1 above

3 = return for strip btn, activates if shorted to 1 above

4 = must be LED Gnd return

Removed feeder control PCB.

There is room to add a 4 pin RJ Jack to each feeder in the control PCB space

- Pin 1: Left side index btn input

- Pin 2: Right side index btn input

- Pin 3: Supply GND

- Pin 4: Supply 30V