DC H-Bridge


Use 2N2222 (TRANSISTOR;NPN VCE=40V, 0.8A)

& 2N2907 (TRANSISTOR:PNP VCE=60V,0.6A)

SMD Equivalent?:


Replace transistors with Mosfets:

FDS8958A Dual N & P-Channel PowerTrenchÒ MOSFET



H-Bridge Devices
The L 293 has 2 H-Bridges, can provide about 1 amp to each and occasional peak loads to 2 amps. Motors typically controlled with this controller are near the size of a 35 mm film plastic canister.

The L298 has 2 h-bridges on board, can handle 1amp and peak current draws to about 3amps. You often see motors between the size a of 35 mm film plastic canister and a coke can, driven by this type H-Bridge. The LMD18200 has one h-bridge on board, can handle about 2 or 3 amps and can handle a peak of about 6 amps. This H-Bridge chip can usually handle an average motor about the size of a coke. There are several more commercially designed H-Bridge chips as well.