SilverStripe 3.05 clean install GoDaddy Shared Hosting post Apache 2.4 upgrade

Had issues with any links off the main poage not working on Silverstipe 2.4.x sites after Godaddy upgraded Apache from 2.2 to 2.4

This page to see impact on SS3 with clean install


Fresh domain & sub directory on exisiting hosting plan

Fresh MySQL db

*Copy of 3.05 files to root of target hosting path


**Set new DB paramters & admin login details

simple theme

**Click install.. processed then get message re Friendly URLs not enabled?

Now what?  Is it essential? Does the install complete? Nope no clues.

Go to site address, I have default home page, but no styling, and links are broken, so a replica of the issue incurred on the 2.4.x sites post the GoDaddy Apache 2.2 -> 2.4 upgrade

Ok we will implement SS2.4 fix for the GoDaddy issue and see what happens:

So where is main.php in SS3?  ok found in /framework/


// Apache rewrite rules use this
// Apache rewrite rules use this
if (isset($_GET['url'])) {
$url = $_GET['url'];


// Apache 2.4 rewrite rules use this
if (isset($_GET[''])) {
$url = $_GET['']; 
//if (isset($_GET['url'])) {
// $url = $_GET['url'];
// Apache 2.4 rewrite rules use this 
if (isset($_GET[''])) { 
$url = $_GET[''];

Go to

Says already installed and:

If you wish to reinstall SilverStripe, please delete the mysite/_config.php file first.

Deleted as instructed, go to Go to again, enter options as before

Ok, Friendly URL's are OK

Click on home page to delete install files, have to login, thats fair... message re files deleted..

All done..