Lathe / mill

HQ400 (

Swing over bed 400mm 1.3-jaw chuck
Distance between centers 500mm 2. Dead centers
Spindle hole diameter 20mm 3. Drill chuck
Spindle taper MT3 4. Tie rod
Range of spindle speeds 7steps/160-1360rpm 5. Wedge
Longitudinal travel 510mm 6.“O” belt
Cross travel 110mm 7. Tie rod washer
Metric threads can be cut 0.2-3mm 8. Tool post wrench
Inch threads can be cut 8-120T.P.I 9. Double end wrench
Range of feed amount 0.05-0.175mm 10 Wrenches
Taper of tail stock barrel MT3 11. Gears
Drilling capacity 15mm 12. Drill stock
Table size 200×150mm OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES
Max vertical milling cutter diameter 20mm 1. Lathe tools
Max face milling cutter diameter 63mm 2. Multi-purpose machine vice (Toolpost)
Spindle travel 80mm 3. Milling cutter holder
Drilling-milling head travel 80mm 4. Steady rest
Spindle taper MT3 5. Follow rest
Range of spindle speeds 14 steps/117-1300rpm 6. 4-jaw chuck
Voltage/frequency As per customer's requirement 7. Back plate
Power 0.55kw 8. Face plate
Packing size 112×58×105mm
Net/gross weight 190kg/240kg



  LATHE:    5" 3 Jaw Chuck 
Distance Between Centers:
800mm 31 1/2"
 5" Drill Chuck 
Swing Over Bed: 
420mm 16 1/2"
 2 Dead Center(M3/M4) 
Max. longitudinal travel:
760mm 30"
 Hex Socket Wrench
Max. cross travel:
200mm 7 3/4"
 Tool Post Wrench 
Spindle taper: M.T.4  Double End Wrench
Travel of tailstock barrel:
80mm 3"
 Tie Rod 
Taper of  tailstock barrel: M.T.3  Change Gears
Spindle hole diameter: 
28mm 1 1/8"
 Follow rest
Spindle speed:  ( 7steps)  160-1360r.p.m.  Steady rest
Metric Thread can be cut:  0.2 - 6mm       ( 22 kinds )  9" Face Plate
Inch Thread can be cut: 4 -120 T.P.I .   ( 38 kinds )  Threading Dial
Range of automatic feeding: 0.05 - 0.35mm    ( 12 kinds )   Four Way Tool Post
Spindle taper: M.T.3  Live Center
Spindle travel: 
110mm  4 1/3"
 Milling Cutter Holder 
Max. distance between spindle center and column:
285mm 11 1/4"
 Chuck Guard & Leadscrew Cover
Max. distance between spindle nose and table:
306mm 12 "
 Machine Footstand
Spindle speed: (16 Steps) 120 - 3000r.p.m.  
Table size: 
475 x 160mm 18 1/8" x 6 1/8"
Drilling capacity:
22mm 1"
End milling capacity:
28mm 1 1/8"
Diameter of milling cutter holder:
80mm 3"
Main motor: 0.55Kw  
Motor of drill and mill: 0.55Kw  
Voltage  110V/220V,50/60Hz  
Net weight: 249Kg          548lbs  
Gross weight: 294Kg          647lbs  
Overall dimension:
1570 x 610 x 980mm
61" x 24" x 38"
Packing size
1340 x 580 x 1100mm
52" x 22" x 43"