QNAP TS409 Turbo NAS

Standard Unit, 4 x Western Digital GP 1TB SATA Drives in Raid 5 configuration to replace my NSLU2


  • Works


  • Power supply failed after 2 days, replacement is still going ok. 
  • SLOW... especially since it cost about NZ$1000 before I put drives in it!  but.. I am running Raid 5..

Shoutcast server:

Install SlimServer On Turbo Station (SSOTS based on http://oinkzwurgl.org/ssods_faq)


After install of SSOTS 3.15 & SqueezeCenter 7.3 on startup SqueezeCenter failed with 'cannot connect to the database' (mysql).

Uninstalled SqueezeCenter & then SSOTS and enabled MySQL & Webserver support on the TS409, reinstalled SSOTS & SqueezeCenter and is now ok..

Note: SSOTS admin is xxxx:9099 and SqueezeCenter is xxx:9001

Streams should be available on xxxx:9000/stream.mp3 - but I cant see them..


The PSU on my unit failed after 1 day.  Replaced under warranty but now a cause for concern, especially as it has a non standard plug.


So, in anticipation of it failing again, the pins looking into the plug (on the cord): the 2 wider pins at the top both are 12v and the 2 bottom are Gnd and are probably connected to the shell as well.