This page lists steps to do a fresh Silverstripe 2.3.5 install onto a godaddy shared delux linux hosting plan.

Before you start:

1. You have downloaded SilverStripe-v2.3.5.tar.gz from to your PC

2. You have your domain registered and directed to the hosting plan (free-with-domain or otherwise) already setup with godaddy, with the domain pointing at the relevant directory.

In this example we are setting up hosted in / subdirectory of our delux hosting plan.



1. Login onto with your username/password

2. Get to Godaddy Hosting Control Center for your hosting plan:

  • Click 'Hosting'
  • Select 'Manage Account' for the hosting plan your domain is to be under

3. In the Godaddy Hosting Control Center File Manager upload the silverstripe source file to the hosting plan

  • Click tab 'Content' -> 'File Manager'
  • Click 'Upload', 'Browse', then navigate to and select the SilverStripe-v2.3.5.tar.gz file on your PC, click OK/Open to return back to the godaddy filemanager.  Click upload.  Click 'Close' to close the upload dialog once the upload is complete.
  • You now have the Silverstripe gz file in your hosting plan root folder ready to unpack.

4. In the Godaddy Hosting Control Center File Manager unpack the silverstripe source files to the hosted domains root folder.

  • Click once on the uploaded SilverStripe-v2.3.3.tar.gz file to set the tickbox and click toolbar icon 'Unarchive'
  • In the 'Unarchive' dialog 'Browse' to select the folder your domain will be hosted from as the destination and click Ok etc

5. In the Godaddy Hosting Control Center MySQL manager setup a database to hold our website contents.

  • Click tab 'Databases' -> 'MySQL'
  • Click 'Create Database'
  • Ensure MySQL Version 5.0 is selected
  • Enter a database description & Database/Username (we entered goodygddb)
  • Enter the password
  • Once the database is setup (takes a wee while) click on the db 'Edit / View Details' icon to see the host name as we need this to give to the Silverstrip install routine. ie