Access: Suppress page header

Easily Suppress Page Headers and Footers on the First Page of Your Microsoft Access Report

Provided by: FMS Development Team

Background: Microsoft Access reports can have report headers/footers and page headers/footers. Report header and footer appear only once on the first and last page of the report. The Page header and footer appear at the top and bottom of every page. By default, the page header and footer also appear on the first and last page.

Problem: There are times when one doesn't want the page header or footer to appear on page 1 with the Report Header.

Solution: The page header and footer can be programmatically suppressed by making those sections invisible for page 1, but a simpler way is to use the obscure Page Header property at the Report level. Note this property is not to be confused with the Page Header section. The values available for this property are:

  • All Pages
  • Not with Rpt Hdr
  • Not with Rpt Ftr
  • Not with Rpt Hdr/Ftr

The default value is All Pages. Setting the Page Header property of the report to “Not with Rpt Hdr” suppresses the page header only on the first page of the report, showing it on all other pages.