USB Calibration camera

Updated 20110903

To enable this project to be achievable we need to manage calibration points and associated offsets..

G55 is the downward USB camera aligned over the upward camera:

- used for calibrating each heads offset from the downward looking camera

G56 is the reference point for the left side feeder bank

G57 is the reference point for the right side feeder bank

G58 is the reference point for the component bump centering pits

We could reference everything to one point, ie G55, but by having separate references on the feeder arrays for example, we can unbolt a feeder array, and after putting it back, only its own parent reference point needs to be checked to get running again

To make explanation easier we will call a primary reference point a parent reference with dependant calibration points called child reference point

For example, the child calibration point for Feeder FL17 is it parent reference G56

The downward looking camera on the gantry is aligned over a parent reference point to check/zero it

To caibrate a child point, ie component 1 on feeder FL17, the gantry camera is positioned over the child point to give the offset to the parent point