Mach 3 Parallel Port Mapping

Mach3 drives hardware via the parallel port.  The physical mapping of the hardware interconnections needs to match the Mach 3 port mapping setup and also the Stepper Controller PCB and our custom Interface PCB.

Hardware interconnects

On the Stepper Controller PCB we are only driving Axis X & Y.  All other functions are driven via the custom Interface PCB.

Parallel Port Pin Physical Pin direction Mach 3 mapped function Stepper Controller PCB function Interface board function Interface board port/pin Other connections
1 In/Out Enable All Enable All  -      
2 Out Y Step Y Step  -      
3 Out Y Dir Y Step  -      
4 Out X Step X Step  -      
5 Out X Dir X Dir  -      
6 Out Output 1 - Head Motor select bit 0
7 Out Output 2 - Head Motor select bit 1
8 Out Output 3 - Head Motor select bit 2
9 Out Output 4 - Head Motor select bit 3
10 In Limit Y -     direct to limit switches with pullups to high
11 In Limit X -     direct to limit switches with pullups to high  
12 In  - -        
13 In EStop -     direct to limit switches with pullups to high  
14 In/Out Output 5
- Vacuum toggle
15 In   -       PIC INT2
16 In/Out Z Step -  Head Step  B0   PIC INT0
17 In/Out Z Dir -  Head Dir  B1   PIC INT1
18-25 Gnd            

Note that I have swapped the x & y axis from the original manufacturer setup, so Y axis is channel A and X axis is channel B on the supplied Stepper driver PCB.


Mach3 -> Config -> Ports And Pins: