KFLOP breakout R2.00

1 for JP7 & one for either JP4 or 6 as are electrically identical



Bits 0-7:

All for input to KFLOP

- buffered by 2 x 74LVC125 (74LVC = 5V compatible)
- 10k Pulldowns on KFLOP side
- 100k Pulldowns on input side

Bits 8-15 all KFLOP output:

- Buffered by 74HCT125 to bring signal up to Breakout board VSupply
- 10K pulldowns on KFLOP side
- 100K pulldowns on output side

- Jumpers to select power options to output buffers:

1. KFLOP sourced 5V
2. KFLOP sourced 3.3V

3. External power