Windows 8.1 System Images

Finding it:

1. Win 8.1 Search for File History, Open 'File History' takes you to Control Panel\System and Security\File History, wait for drive search to complete, and System Image Backup shows up at the bottom left


2. Find 'C:\Windows\System32\sdclt.exe' and run it as administrator

Recovering afterwards needs you to boot using recovery media or:

navigate to PC Settings, Update and Recovery, Recovery and click the Restart Now button under Advanced Startup. The PC will restart.


At the Choose an Option screen, choose Troubleshoot.


At Troubleshoot, choose Advanced Options.


At the Advanced Options screen, choose System Image Recovery. The PC will restart.


At the System Image Recovery screen, select your user name and then type your password when prompted.


The Re-Image Your Computer wizard will start. In the first page of this wizard, select the correct system image you wish to restore to. Then click Next and step through the wizard to restore your PC to the selected system image backup